Numark NS6 and auto play on DJAY

I am a wedding DJ who wants to use DJay with the numark ns6, I am running a macbook pro 2012 with the 10.9.5. I can get music to play fine but in auto play the crossfader will just skip to the left or right randomly as music is playing so it’s dead air. It will also do this if I use the computer to switch tracks. It won’t happen right away but in 1 or 2 songs it will switch back to where the real crossfader is. Also I can’t get the mic to work on channels 3 or 4. I can use those channels with DJAY can’t I? Or do I need a 4 track dj software? I don’t want to mix 4 tracks or anything, just want to have my mic hooked up to one and maybe an ipod on the 4th incase computer goes down. Is this possible using DJAY?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for contacting us.

(1) Which djay version are you using? Does this also happen when the controller is not connected at all? If possible, a video recording demonstrating the issue might be helpful.

(2) Can you use those channels with other apps? Can you e.g. choose them as input in the system settings?