Numark NS6 II Compatibility with DJay Pro straight "Out Of The Box"

Dear Algoriddim Team,

This may have been mentioned before, but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Numark NS6 II controller.
My question being: seeing as you currently support the NS6; do you intend to support the mkII shortly after it’s release?
The dual USB/DJ hook-up capability was definitely a deciding factor when placing the pre-order on this item. I reckon I could possibly persuade my mate to ditch his beloved Serato software and go for DJay Pro instead, if you were to support the NS6 II (he has the Denon MCX8000, for which DJay Pro users have been crying out for native support from Algoriddim)
Best regards, Richard
PS How is the support for the XDJ-DJ coming along, by the way? I currently have that controller, and have been waiting patiently for you guys to add it to your list…