Numark NS6 II controller compatible with djay Pro?

Will the new Numark NS6 II controller have “out of the box” compatibility with djay pro?Thank you.

NS6ii support please

+1 for NS6 II Compatibility please.

I plan to buy an NS6 II and REALLY prefer DJAY Pro over Serato due to it’s Spotify integration, Robust Queue system and ease of use.

Thank you for your fast reply Lukas.

NS6II support please! It would be nice to get a status update about support of this nice device and DjayPro Mac.

NS6ii support please.

Hey there,

at the moment we are not natively supporting the NS6II, but every mail, every post we get will be gathered and added to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Cheers,Lukas E.

NS6II please or I’m going to have to sell it  :(

its been 3 years !!  c’mon man ! so close with the NS6

Pleeeeeze!!! NS6ii + DJay Pro = The Way to Go!!!

I’ve just had my NS6II delivered today, after an eight-month wait…

What would be totally awesome, would be for it to work with Djay Pro “straight out of the box”…

Sadly, that’s not gonna happen (yet). Therefore, I gratefully request that Algoriddim do indeed natively support this controller soon, like they’ve done with the original NS6, Mixtrack Platinum, XDJ-RX and so on…

I’ve noticed that Virtual DJ 8 now support this unit, and although it’s marketed as a Serato Controller, Numark have admitted that it can with mapped with more or less any DJ software, and even used with DJ hand-offs with multiple computer software/connections.

Please, Algoriddim, I’d be a grateful and happy chappy, (along with several other owners of this controller I can imagine) if you were to add this unit to your, ever-growing mapped and supported controller collection…!!

NS6ii support please and thank you…

NS6 II compatibility please.I have a Numark NS6 II and I REALLY prefer DJAY Pro over Serato due to its integration with Spotify, its robust tail system and its ease of use.

I ordered my NS6II today, picking it tomorrow at Sam ash,I noticed this post is old, hopefully by now its compatible because its all I’ve ever used…lets go algorithm!

Any progress on this?

ns6ii support please

I use DJAY PRO every week and would love this! especially with use of the bpm screens on DJAY PRO 2!

NS6ii for iOS please and I will subscribe to DJay again (have been forced to virtual DJ)