numark ns6 mapping issue

i have a numark ns6 and i love djay software but…there are a few issues with djay mapping on numark ns6, play, sync, cue buttons don’t work, no load song, no lights, etc. I’m i doing something wrong ? You said numark ns6 it’s native controller for djay, don’t you ?

Would you be willing to share your map?

Sadly, the jog lights don’t work.
Hopefully the djay team can get this working for us with an update.

The A&H is acting like a graphic equalizer which is giving you gain & eq control on top of the NS6 having a gain & eq adjustment. So if you tweak anything on the channel your NS6 is plugged into on the A&H, and then still tweak your NS6 knobs you are theoretically adding doubling an already increased / decreased signal. The result will be a fuller/ warmer sound, but much easier to distort if you don’t watch you levels - on BOTH!! If you haven’t tweaked any eq or gain settings on the A&H whatever you put in should be identical to what goes out. A mixer that is truly “flat” cannot make a track sound any better than what it is. To do a proper test, connect one cd player to the NS6 and another to the A&H. Play the exact same track with all eq & gain settings “flat” & both master outputs set to 0db. See if there is any difference, the higher quality unit will stand out. You can only compare them side by side - not one into the other.

Yaren…thanks for your help, one more question : jog lights ? works on your ns6 ?

magrepairs…thanks. i have another question : i have a macbook unibody 2008 and since i started to use with ns6 it’s heating. With my old controller Reloop Digital Jockey 2 i have no problem (i tried because i still have it). I also try Ns6 with another Macbook Pro i7 2010 , this laptop heating much more then mine, my laptop have fans 4000 rpm and i7 have 6000 rpm right/left fans. With Reloop i have 2000 rpm.

Any ideas ? Probably Ns6 eat so much power ?!

Right, i’ll put on stand laptop. Thanks and regards

Someone know the audio specs of ns6 ? I heard big difference of sound between ns6 and ns6 thru allen&heath zed10fx, with allen&heath sound much much much better. I mean the difference is to big to ignore and i’m disappointed, i bought this controller and for a good sound i have to carry another mixer. My PA is EV ELX 115P and the sound is very good with A&H, without mixer only with Ns6…the sound is very cheap.

magrepairs…thanks, i’ll try and let you know the results.

Heh mate, have ou chosen the ns6 as the output in preferences?
Have you installed the drivers for the ns6?, the latest drivers?

Mine works great, so something else is up.

Not sure mate, but mine gets warmer than I would like too. Thee are a few options here,
1, try to either raise the MacBook pro up on something so the air can get out the back at the base of the screen better, or (as I do), have it sitting slightly over the edge of the ns6 case laptops shelf to get the same effect,

2, install SMC fan control and bump up the fans a bit to compensate.

can someone upload their NS6 mapping?
You can export the mapping from the the MIDI menu.

I have the Numark 4Trak which is the same thing. I made a custom map for everything, but can’t get the jog wheels right. I just want to see how it’s set up on another controller.

It’s not complete, I can’t get a lot of the features to work. It’s the same exact thing as the NS6, if I could get my hands on the NS6 mapping I could fix it.

Hi Brian,

Did you managed to complete your mapping for the 4Trak? If yes, I am interested in getting this configuration. This would be awesome.

Thanks a million.

Chiel, Netherlands

I fixed it myself. You can download my mapping for the 4-trak controller over here:

Algoriddim write me:

“The mechanic jog wheels of the Numark NS6II do not send a digital signal back to the computer. Thus there is not really a point in using it with a digital DJay software.”

Fuck the Numark… my 800 USD in the bathroom!!!