Numark ns7 compatibility with Djay

Numark says ns7 it’s a midi controller and Djay says software has midi learn. But…when i connect ns7 with Djay , any knob, button i move, nothing happend in midi learn of Djay. Any help from you, guys ? I like Itch but i really love Djay, since 2009, love the simply UI, Djay Remote it’s a dream and i prefer to stick with Djay. If anyone from Algoriddim Staff can help me, i really appreciate this. Thanks.

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Upgraded to latest driver. Using latest OS. Midi mapping is not working. Works great on my Numark Mixdeck. Mixdeck is also not natively supported but it can be mapped. Not so with the NS7. :frowning: Anybody get it to work?

Please download and install the latest driver here:

did your ns7 end up working with djay?

Having the same issue with the NS 72. Any help is appreciated

Forget it fellow Numark NS72 DJs. After painstakingly attempting to map the functionality of the DJ software only a limited number of features work. Part of me wishes I didn’t sell my mixdeck quad, especially now since DJ is integrated with Spotify. Just adds to my headache.
Bottom line you’re gonna HAVE to use Serato until one of Algorithm’s programmers script the code properly. Which if they haven’t by now I guessing they won’t. Maybe NS72 and Serato are corporately exclusive.

So much fun “upgrading”. All I wanted was spinning platters and more responsive scratching.

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Have you all made any progress in compatibility with the NS72? mapping each function individually is quite a ridiculous solution coconsidering we are talking about the flagship of Numark DJ devices.

me too.

please support NS7II

No! I sold that NS72. They have an NS73 and still no compatibility with either. I use idjay with the ipad and spotify.

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Any news about this topic?
I intend to buy a NS7 II, but after all these information around here i ́m not sure.
Unfortunatly i haven ́t got a reply from alogoriddim yet.
It ́s not that you just spend a few bucks in a controller. Costs quite a lot so an information wheter it ́s going to work with it would be nice from “official site”.

I really dislike this manner of “keeping secrets” and not telling what might be possible in future.
“we ́ll have a look at it, we can ́t tell…” Not good.

Cheers nam

Hello Lukas E.,

could you pls give me a feedback on my question.

It ́s a pitty that a lot of questions been answered in just a few hours and some aren ́t for months or years.
Isn ́t that topic at “no interest” for you?
Hopefully not. I mean the numark ns7 isn ́t an exotic controller out there.
Is there a chance that you ́ll support this one or not?
Will be pleased of any reaction.



Hey any support for the NS73 ? It looks sweet, in my price range . IOS and with DJ pro with spotify is what I want to use , I would like LCD screen that show wave form pattern and I want beatpad/velocity button thing. if you can suggest a controller in the price range that can give me that I would look into that instead. Motorized platters would be sweeeeeet too .