Numark NS7 mapping problems

I am running OS X 10.9.5 with 2 Ghs Intel Core 2 Duo and 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Ram. When I connect my Numark NS7 and open Djay Pro on my Mac it doesn’t map correctly. I see that you support Numark NS6 natively but not Numark NS7. Thus, I went to the MIDI drop down menu in Djay Pro as instructed by the website to configure the MIDI map for my device but it just pulls up the MIDI mapping screen and freezes the whole application and doesn’t ever respond and I am forced to “Force Quit” the application. I want to switch from my Serato DJ software but without functioning mapping settings. I can’t. I can’t use it at all. What gives?


Same here. Anyone?

Hi Chad,

Does it freeze right after you open the MIDI configuration window or after you press a button on the NS7?

It freezes right after I open the midi configuration window. When I open the window if I try to click on anything or scroll it just freezes. After a few minutes it sometimes will stop being frozen but then as soon as I scroll or click on anything again it resume freezing and takes even longer. I never make it far enough to press any buttons on the ns7.

Same here. Freezes up when your trying to map. Why ns6 but not ns7? We need that pre mapped please! I can sure use the spotify for requests that I don’t have. I would switch from serato Dj to djay pro in a heartbeat. Thanks.

Please support NS7II

Hi there,

we can not fully support the Numark NS 7 due to its mechanical platters, which can not be mapped via djay pro.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

the problem is as stated above that we can not access the mechanical platters, that’s why the controller can not be fully being mapped by us. 

Lukas E.

Hi Darren,

a partial mapping is possible as long as midi buttons are being mapped, this is the same for the mechanical platters, they are being treated by the controller internally, that is why we can not access them.

Lukas E.

Hey Raffy,

I know you this might be frustrating, but that is the reason why we are not listing the NS7 in our hardware section under the supported controllers. The platter is the problem here, we are unable to get the necessary data of the mechanical unit.

Cheers,Lukas E.



So why not invest and come up with a map for it. It seems that people are choosing the better option, controller wise and are telling you that they want to match that with your program. No offence guys but you should be really, REALLY working on fixing this. For the sake of the future of DJ pro AND your customers. It just seems that to be an effort issue, even without the use of the platters, the ability to use the controllers buttons without the app freezing in order to gain the most of the ns7 with Spotify, would be a HUGE bonus for your app. But you’re dragging your feet. There’s requests from 2 years ago and still not even a half decent map for the ns7. It’s both, a shame and shameful. I’ll keep holding out hope but we, the customer, rarely get across to companies like algorythm just how important things like this are and what it means to be heard.

@Lukas I understand the response about not being able to control the mechanical platters. Fair enough. But is even a partial mapping possible?

God Damn It! This is an expensive unit that we all payed for and now my NS7 doesn’t even work on the original program which is Serato ITCH. This is serious because we were serious when we bought how you sold this unit it not an excuse about the platter shit that you are saying if you have good intent in your business as we are, you will come up with a solution.

I have the same problem any solution yet? Mechanical platters shouldn’t matter :frowning:

Is there any way you could work with Numark on a solution? I’m sure that they, as much as you, would love the two products to marry up… I too love your product but can’t use it on my decks…

we need support for the NS7 and NSFX bar would be the greatest