Numark ns7

There is a chance for Numark ns7 to become native for Djay ? Have you tried to map ? Any chance to map strip search and motorized platters ?

+3. Would also pay for it.


We currently have no plans for this but I forwarded your request internally.

I would love to see this as well

Warren, if someone from your staff could mapp NS7, i’ll pay for that. Honestly, i really like Djay and i want to switch back, right now i’m forced to use Itch and VDJ don’t like.
I’m not the only one who want NS7 mapped for Djay…

mee too.


It seem’s a company that can make a substantial profit for supporting the NS7 range chooses not too.

Why? is a good question to ask, we might not know the inner workings on the reasons why, but in saying that it would be good to hear from them oneway or the other.

Instead of Silence

Please support NS7 II :slight_smile:


Please support NS7II

Hi guys,

thank you all for your posts and ideas. The Numark N7 is mappable via the djay Pro MIDI Learning Feature, not mappable at the moment are the two motorised platters, i forwarded this internally. Thank you for your understanding.

Lukas E.

Same! Please support the NS7 II. This controller is one of the biggest and baddest. It would definitely be a big plus for Djay Pro to be able to fully support the NS7 series of controllers.

Please Please Please support the ns7’s… we’re on the 3rd generation without support for this device. Please make it native. I’m here in the states and I know there’s a big need for mapping and support for the ns7’s. I currently use the ns7 III. Come on guys please make this happen asap

Want to buy the NS7 to pair with Djay pro … May need to buy the pioneers instead … Would be helpful for all of us to know if this is in the pipeline or not.

I think it’s obvious many people would pay for a plug and play solution.


Seriously the NS7 is considered by many as the BEST dj controller. We’ve been waiting for 3 years for a bridge. 3 years is a long time.

My question is: can it be done?

If it can what will it take for you to finally prioritize it?? and give us a straight answer.

To be more clear…

We’ve been waiting for 4 YEARS for a bridge!! Kind of a long time isn’t it.

It’s not just another controller, it’s one of the best if not THE BEST. Numark had the time to release 3 versions of the ns7 and yet you don’t even have a bridge for the original one 4 years later.

My question is straightforward : can it technically be done? Y/N question. Easy.

If it can, what will it take for you to finally prioritize it??

There’s never been a clear answer as to whether or not it could be done and why 4 years later we still don’t have that bridge. Please don’t reply to me that we can map it without the motorized wheels. The whole point of this controller are the wheels.

Thanks in advance for finally doing something about this.

Thanks for the feed back. Please keep us in the loop.

Serato must have paid to develop the NS7 series , keeping exclusive software usage rights. Otherwise it’s shameful to treat customers like this. Saying it can be mapped is even more disingenuous.

Still no bridge, no patch, one of underground programmers should be on the case already.