numark nv?

Hi. I have this app on my ipad and android, but i was wondering if you will make the numark nv compatible with it.

Yes, yes, I have the NVII and would love to use Djay Pro with it.

hello, checking in. Any luck?

Hello, checking in again. Please is anyone listening.

Serato just did an update a month ago that includes a deal with Soundcloud and Tidal. I’m not using those platforms unfortunately - though I heard that Tidal’s sound quality [FLAC] is supposedly one of the benefits of their service.

So frustrating that still there is no way to use Spotify with the NVII controller. I buy all my tracks just so that the quality is 100%, but in a pinch, just messing around, or trying things out with spotify would be so great.

Please help!

This would be good Djay Team. NumarkNV is fairly current controller and very similar to the NS6. Please help us

Looks like there never going too come out with the mapping for the NV.

Thanks for posting. We’ll be sure to consider it.

It’s not natively supported at the moment. So if you wish to use it then you have to map it manually.

Sorry Zach, we generally do not pre-announce any plans or updates. We’re aware of this request though and we’ll definitely take it into consideration.

Yes this would be awesome, working with the screens as well, otherwise I will have to settle for the new Numark Mixtrack Pro coming out “soon”…

Same here.
Djay Pro will not work with my Numark NV :frowning:

Happy Holidays

When is Djay Pro going to be compatible with the Numark NV

Any News to this topic available? I need the mapping for the Numark NV, too!

Hey there,

thank you for your feedback, I know this feels a bit frustrating but I added your request to our list. Nevertheless, please note that at them moment we are only supporting fully iOS/Andorid ready controllers with djay for iOS/Android.

Lukas E.

No help or support for there fancy yet expensive toys same as the Pioneer support… the customers never ever counts.

I don’t know why, but they’re ignoring this issue. I love Djay pro. But set the screens aside, which I can understand not working since the program wasn’t built for it, but even the slider won’t act correctly when mapping it. The least they could do is give us smooth controls for everything else but the screens…

They don’t have the 8000 on their website as supported yet… :frowning:

YYYEEESSS. We have hope! Thank you for the update! Now there is no reason for not getting the NVs.

Hey Lukas! Why can’t we have mapping for the NV’s? It’s almost identical to the MCX 8000! Hook us up!!!