Numark Party Mix and DJay Pro PAD MODE Mapping

How can I map the 4 pads next to the PAD MODE button on the Numark Party Mix to work with DJay Pro corresponding to the PAD MODE I choose? The PAD MODE button changes between cue, loop, sampler, and FX modes… but I can’t get the 4 pads used to play the cues, loops, samples and FX to change corresponding to the PAD MODE I set. Hope that makes sense, would love to figure this out, I’ve managed to map everything else except this.

Hi there,

these Hot Cue Loop Sampler switch buttons are enabling the according pads to send different midi nodes.
So after selecting Hot Cue for example you can map all pads to Hot Cues. After that click the switch again to do this for the Loop and Sampler.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Jaylen Willingham,

I see where the problem is. The Party Mix is not changing the midi signals after selecting another pad mode.
In that case we mapping the 4 pads in the different dimensions is not possible via the midi learning mode.

I pushed the implementation of the mapping, thank you for pointing that out.

Lukas E.

Hi Jaylen Willingham,

please note that this is more at the controller side, the hardware part.
This button should be treated internally, like a shift button.

Therefore I can’t tell you anything about the mapping outcomes in the future.

I hope you understand.

Lukas E.

I understand that the PAD MODE button allows the 4 pads to be used for whichever PAD MODE I want, but I’m having trouble mapping that out in Djay Pro. For example… I have CUE selected under PAD MODE, and I can assign the 4 pads for CUES 1-4. Now when I press the PAD MODE button again, I am on LOOP now, but the 4 pads are still only playing CUES 1-4, and are not switching their function to play LOOPS 1-4. Does that make sense? Thank you so much for helping me out!

When could I expect something to be done about it? A year? Should I just return the controller?…

heres a midi map for you

I have a problem, I don’t find the mappers of numark party mix and I don’t know how to do, because there is a botton that says pad mode, and it has the effects, cues, loops and samplers…
And I don’t know how to map this. If anyone could help me, I would be so grate :frowning: