Numark Party Mix Compatibility

Will djay Pro on the Mac support the new Numark Party Mix controller? Right now I have to assign all buttons to actions and some buttons are made for actions that aren’t available.

Hi Arcanum Music,

i forwarded your mapping request. Can you tell us which controls you can’t find the mid mapping command to?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I didn’t go through every control but I couldn’t find a toggle precueing for one deck

Is this sorted yet? Really looking forward to Djay Pro for Mac working with my Numark Party Mix.

ok; using your article, I figured out most of the midi settings after unboxing my Party Mix tonight. Shame it didn’t work with djay pro out of the box.

What article?

Where is this article/how can I get it?

check this midi map out if it helps……

Is this a good combo? People liking it?

hi everybody
can i use my party mix numark on serato and not with virtual dj ?