Numark Party Mix for djay midi map.

I have a version with everything working on windows10…

In the midimap xml the issue appears to be modifier1 = 0 on the second deck hasn’t been supported properly in the default maapping.

When modifier1 is changed to modifier2 for the deck2 functions all is good.

Maybe algoriddim can get this changed.


My good karma bucket must be overflowing :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing that Simon. I’d like to add for the Djay Pro 2 noobs like myself, to switch over to Simon’s Party Mix configuration, after dropping his file onto the app icon, go to MIDI | Configure Party Mix, and make sure his is selected in the dropdown.

I edited the effects that are triggered, so I renamed my config, but you get the idea. The next time you start the app, it should have Simon’s config as the one you’re using, rather than resetting back to the default.

Simon, thank you for your post and midi mapping, as well as David for the tip of making sure to use the mapping you want in the software. I was able to use it with the iOS app to correct my pad mode buttons on deck 2.
As a side note I sent this issue in through email and received a response saying that a formal fix should be coming in an update.
Thanks again!

Hi. The download does not seem to work. Also how do I apply the download to the MIDI for djay pro 2 on mac with a numark party mix. Please help. Thank you