Numark Party Mix for djay midi map.

A friend of mine bought the Numark Party Mix for his daughter, but thats not supported by djay, so I mapped it out, and I am willing to share it if that helps anyone

A few things.
The shift button for the sampler/mixer pads behaves like one button that can have 4 different functions so I made it into loops, 1, 4, 8. (when all the lights are on then its off)

the pads are only 4 because of how the thing is made, the shift button does not change the pads. (hard to explain but once you have the Numark Party mixer in front of you it will make sense)

also I made a thing to explain the function of the buttons that do something other than what it says on the controller

and heres the link. enjoy…

Hi all
I am having problems using this midi map with numark party mix, djay2 and ipad mini. Here is what I found so far: right platter don’t respond, pitch controls action upside down, browse knob turning “wrong way” and don’t respond when pushed.
Any ideas??…

There you go. Let me know how it goes

The link is a few comments above……

wish this had worked for the party mix PRO version :frowning:

Can you please send a link to the PARTY MIX Midi map again?

Works great. Thanks so much.

Can you send the link to me as well, that woulb be great (

Hi can you send this map to me please?

The link doesn’t work. Can anyone share this please

Thanks for that

howe do you set up it ?

hey siggi any idea how do u config it ?

Hello Friends !! How I use the " FILTER " ??? where’s mapped?

Any idea how i use this, when i open it on dropbox it just comes up with a load of code like info? i don’t know a lot sorry

I simply clicked on it, DJay Pro opened and asked if I wanted to map Numark Party Mix to it. As I have not received the controller yet, I have no idea whether it will work or not. As I have bought it as a backup to my Hercules RMX, I hope that will still work.

can i use this party mix with my iPad Djay Pro??