Numark Party Mix Pro Implementation

Okay so I sold my Gemini Mix2Go, and got the new Numark party mix Pro, the only thing that supports it on iPad is DJ Player Pro, and it is a horrible app, is there any way that the Numark will ever be compatible with djay Pro? I don’t understand why all these companies that are coming out with these Bluetooth portable decks are only making them compatible with the worst software LOL

i already knew when i bought it that DPP and VDJ was only software compatible, but i didn’t know how bad it is til i got it home and played on it. so yea i was aware DJAY was not involved in this unit (yet) I have seen where other people created DJAY mappings for Numark Party Mix (but not Party Mix PRO) i hope maybe it can be done, ……

Before you buy you need to know if it is compatible. Its. A great app