Numark Party Mix

I want to get a mini cheap very portable controller for messing around and practicing on the go. (because the jogwheels don’t work with djay on my crappy chinese one) Don’t fancy getting the dj2go as it seems too basic and dated.

Mixtrack edge has been discontinued. The one I’m thinking at the moment is Hercules instinct. But I’d rather have the Numark party mix. Is there any plans for native support for that controller in the near future??

I don’t want to get the Hercules, only for the party mix to be supported in the next month or so…

And what about the following:
Hercules Instinct P8?
Hercules DJ control compact?
Behringer CMD micro?

So no clues? Plan? Yay or Nay?
I am talking about the hercules instinct P8 and numark party mix for Windows 10.

Has anyone mapped one by themselves? If yes how are the Jogwheels?