Numark Platinum FX: problem with custom mapping

Hi, iOS / Mac user here.

I’ve just received a Numark Platinum FX controller, which is well supported by DJAI.

Problem is, i want to custom map some of the controls.

While some of them are “easily changeable” by going into the midi map mode, identifying the button/fader/whatever where i see the assignment that was already there and mapped, other buttons/controls appear to be kind of “hard wired” into the support.

For instance, the 6 buttons at the center of the console with the FX choice appear to not be assigned to anything, while in reality they are mapped indeed to specific FXs.
Also, the “shift” button appears not to be mapped, nor can i create for instance new “shift+control” mappings.
The FX toggles as well appear not to be mapped.

Is this normal behaviour? Is it solvable?

On a side note, i like to assign controls to “active deck” so that i can avoid duplicates, but i can’t figure out how that works (how do i select the active deck? sometimes something is playing on i.e. DeckB, and controls still activate whatever in DeckA).



I looked at various midi mappings in a xml editor. there seem to be “secret” midi commands that cannot be used in the app’s editor.
It has to do with the modifier commands. I still don’t fully understand it. i’m a dj and not a hacker!
But I’m on the right way… :wink:

I’m trying to create a mapping for the numark scratch.

One thing I have noticed is that the ‘active deck’ seems to be linked to the crossfader.
If you still have the crossfader in the centre the software sometimes picks the wrong deck.
If you have the crossfader on the side you want to control, it seems to perform as excepted.

Don’t know; when I try to map one of the six fx selectors I don’t see any command assigned, while the command is clearly there.

The command is hidden in the xml „ .djayMidiMapping“ file and is not displayed in the editor.

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Thanks for the reply.

How am I supposed to edit that? Is there a way to make those and the other “not editable” commands show up as standard midi inputs in the midi mapping windows?

Exactly that is the secret I want to understand! so far I have managed to edit a mapping from another controller for the Numark Scratch. I only managed to edit existing modifier commands with a XML Editor, but couldn’t create my own. I can imagine that some companies are preferred. The function is there, just not for the end user.