Number of Midi mappable Intsnant FX Slots from 8 to 16 🙏

Hello Algoriddim team, It’s just great that you’ve added so many great new FX effects! The “macro FX effects” in particular are great! I stored them as „Instant FX“ on the buttons of my external controllers. These effects are great for fading songs in and out during the mix!! As a fan of external controllers, however, I now have the problem that there are only 8 midi mappable Instant FX slots, but various FX effects that I would like to use in different mappings at the push of a controller button. Would be cool if the number of midi mappable Instant FX slots could be increased to e.g. 16. That would allow versatile mapping of external controllers and different djing workflows… Best LeroyB


Hi @LeroyB,

Great to see you in the community again!

This is a very interesting feature request and I will definitely make sure that our dev team is aware of this for further consideration.

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This is a great idea. The more mappable effects, the better! :grinning: