Obtaining the djay2 recent APK's in order to side load on Chromebook O/S

Hi Lukas and the Algoriddim Team - 
I’ve recently learned and been able to successfully side load various Android apps on my Acer Chromebook 14.  I wanted to ask the team if it would be possible to obtain APK download links for Android Algoriddim Djay releases.

Yes, I know the processor of the Acer is not very powerful, but things are working well and I was hoping to give the recent Android app a try.

Hopefully this makes sense and you can provide the download links for myself and other users to try it out and play.

HI Lukas -
Cheers and thanks so much for your dedication to moderating and answering these community posts!

Yep, Play Store is accessible.  I’m researching and learning more and more about the Chrome o/s world.  I’m not sure if it’s Google that restricts which devices can access Android apps, or if it’s the vendor devs that post the apps on the store, or a combination of both.  Example: I was able obtain the APK for Microsoft OneNote and side load it, but either Microsoft or Google hasn’t released it for straight download/install on the “verified” o/s platform for download on Play Store.

Either way, I’m not sure if this is on Algoriddim’s roadmap, but this would certainly be a game changer in the DJ world so folks don’t need to drop the cash on expensive devices.

Thanks again for all you do, best,

Hi yourprivateradio,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We can not provide an APK we are sorry for that. Do you have access to the Play Store on your Chromebook?

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