Odd DDJ-WEGO3 problems

I have the following:

  • Ipad 2 running version ios 9.2.1
  • djc-wecai30 cable to connect to the DDJ WEGO3
  • Djay 2 App

I have connected the DDJ WEGO 3 to my speakers and can get sound. I also connect my headphones to the WEGO and can hear the cue channel. I can also use the volume knobs to turn master volume or headphone volume up or down. But that is it.

I can not use any other functions such as play buttons, cue buttons, hi/mid/low knobs volume slider or cross fader.

Can any one please help!!?!?!?!

Hi there,

this sounds a bit odd, could you please contact us via support@algoriddim.com and send us some video footage of this behaviour, that would help us tons. 

Thank you in advance and we are very sorry that you had to experience this.

Lukas E.

Some more info.

I downloaded MTBe midi app on the IPAD 2, opened it and selected the DDJ-WEGO3 as the network channel and pressed all the buttons such as play, cue, and tried the sliders and everything works and i can see midi comms coming into the ipad. so its definitely a DJAY2 issue.