Offline Mode for Apple Music Streaming

According to djay pro’s last instagram post. I should able to play the songs offline after i download them but it doesnt really work. I downloaded different playlists, im able to play them on apple music app without internet connection but it doesnt appear on djay pro. The funny thing is only 2-3 songs appears in like 600 songs playlist, i couldnt understand why these songs are available to play offline but others are not. I use macbook pro with latest version, i restart the macbook and the apps but still same. is there any tutorial that how to play apple musics songs offline on djay pro or is there any other way to play them offline cuz i do wanna use the neural mix featues while djing. Thank you

Hi @Sefa_Sozen, offline mode is currently not supported for Apple Music Streaming within djay. Currently only Beatport LINK Pro and Beatsource Pro support offline locker modes with djay.

thanks for reply. im just wondered that then why on last algoriddim’s instagram post, it says “downloaded song can be play without internet”

I’m looking into this further. Perhaps this is something new or it was a typo. I’ll report back here when I have clarification from the dev team. Thanks.


I can’t see that. The most recent post is 14 weeks ago, and says nothing about being able to play streamed songs offline.

I also saw this ad, but I couldn’t find the post to take a screenshot.

I haven’t seen it either. Certainly not on Algoriddims Insta

appeared in my Instagram notifications, it was a sequence of screens, 6 ways to use stream on Djay pro, and one of the screens said about Apple Music offline.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding everyone. Offline mode is not currently available for Apple Music Streaming. The post was referring to songs purchased and downloaded via the Apple Music App. These songs are available, without internet, through the Local Music source in djay. The post has been removed to avoid further confusion. I hope that clarifies things. Thanks!


I feel it is important to note that on iOS and iPad OS devices you can only purchase music through the iTunes Store app where it is then stored in the Apple Music app.

What about Apple Music Match? These are streaming tracks that were either purchased through iTunes or elsewhere and matched (without DRM) for streaming from the Apple Music cloud. Why are these not available for use with Neural Mix? Note that these are not part of a subscription, they are “owned” tracks that happen to be hosted on Apple’s servers.

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