offline spotify djpro

Guys, more and more DJs put their back on DJ Pro, because you can’t find a solution for using spotify offline with DJ Pro. We are all aware of sandboxing, but it is YOUR urgent task to find an urgent solution. Thanks.

I guarantee you are not buying MP3’s from iTunes as they don’t offer MP3’s :slight_smile:

You can actually download your Spotify playlists, put your phone or laptop in airplane mode (no wireless) and still be able to listen to your playlist. People want this offline mode available in this app too. And yes, I usually just buy MP3’s off Beatport or iTunes.

Spotify is a STREAMING SERVICE. You have to be online to stream.

If you want to play songs offline, you can buy the MP3 and download it.

Hope this helps!

I also would like to see this feature added. !!

The same request is on the Spotify community forum… but Spotify say that they don’t comment on third party apps. and have listed the ‘idea’ as ‘not right now’. hmmm…

I am a premium subscriber of Spotify, and would like to play the playlists that I have downloaded with Spotify offline, using the DJ2 app on the iPad… but I cannot because that is not a feature of the DJ2 App yet.

Please can Algoriddim add this ! would be great!