Offline Spotify Support

Will any future update of the Pro version support Spotify’s offline library feature. Not all clubs have wifi or even areas where you use a hotspot might not be available.

Agreed. Please update to connect to Spotify’s offline library!!

I’m a wedding DJ and many places I play have no WiFi and I need to make my tracks “Available Offline” on my computer / iPad. This is the entire reason I decided to move to this software - sync with Spotify! But wait… you need internet? that’s too risky: What if the internet goes down while you’re in a crescendo at a wedding or club? Moments & careers ruined…

Spotify allows you to load tracks to your device for play while offline. Why cannot Algoriddim do the same? I even have these tracks loaded in Spotify on my same device and DJay Pro cannot load them.

Or am I missing something?

We need the integration ASAP