Old and new version of Djay2 - Djay on the same iPad

Hi guys, i’m an user of djay2 on iPad and i’m really satisfied with the available functions, for this reason I want to maintain this version for professional use and I never want to update it.

However I would like to try the new version of Djay on the same iPad where Djay2 is installed but without upgrade the old version.

Is possible this option and how can I do it?

Thank you very much for your support.


Don’t do it. Your beat grids will always be off.
I’ve been dealing with this since Djay Pro for 3 years now
I had to stop using djay 2

Refer to this link below,
Find my 3rd reply, the Algoriddim team Is aware of this issue, still a problem, I tested on Djay 2018 version.

Hi there,

happy to hear that you figured it out.

This is correct, you can still use the older djay versions. djay for iOS is not an update, it is a complete new application.

Lukas E.

Solved by myself. The old and the new are two different apps so the Algoriddim proposal it’s not an update of Djay2 app but a special price for buy the new one.
Old Djay2 and new Djay can be used on the same device.