Old CDJ-2000 configuration for Djay Pro

Hi !
It seems the old CDJ-2000 is not plug and play like the nexus and nexus 2
So I tried configuring it using MIDI Learn but can’t get the turntable to work as expected (fast forward and scratching).

Has anyone successfully configured it ? Is there a mapping file I could use ?

Any plans on supporting natively the old CDJ-2000 in a near future ?

Hey there,

the CDJ 2000 are as well natively supported by djay Pro for the Mac. At which point of the setup are you facing difficulties?

I see, we are at the moment not able to support the usage of CDJs with djay Pro for Windows.

We are aware of the user demand of the mappings and are doing our best in order to provide the support
as fast as possible.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’m using Windows 10 to run Djay Pro, is it also supported natively ?