Old version of Djay 2

Hi there

I have an iPad 3 with a numark controller
The controller uses an old ipad I used to have Djay 2 on it and this ipad doesn’t support the new software

My question is how does one install the old version of djay 2 or where can we find it so that I can use the system I have
Some help would be greatly appreciated

Here you go:

  1. open App Store
  2. click on your account picture in the top right
  3. click on “Purchased”
  4. search for djay or scroll through the list until you find it

djay 2 and Spotify was a formidable combo for the hobbyist DJ. Good times!

Would love djay 2 to have at least been updated to support the other streaming services in the absence of Spotify. Sometimes I miss its simplicity and some of its UI over the current djay app.

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