Older CDJ NEW Mixer DJPro2 with Spotify?

I have 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000mk3 and a Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer… Can and how can i start using DJPRO 2 or any other option to use your software with spotify? With the 450 came Rekordbox and Control CD ́s if i need them! That would be amazing if its possible ! Please help and i pay you all the money you want xD

Hi Alex,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately we are not natively supporting the CDJ 1000 mk3s. With supported CDJs you can use the DJM 450 in the external mixer mode.

Thanks for your reply! So even though the Mixer is supportet i cant use the 1000mk3? :frowning: i read that you can “learn” older not direct supported players with your software is that true? Very sad…

Maybe there is a workaround maybe? As you said to this guy its possbile and i have the same setup but newer mixer http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…