On Beat options for samples on Djay Pro

I remember hearing about a feature on Serato DJ where you could use your audio samples and loops and whatnot but have them bound to the current BPM of the song, so each time you added a kick or snare, it would always guaranteed be on beat, think we could actually do that for Djay Pro? Or maybe have vocal samples that could be bound to a beat range to create transitional audio clips, like a Killer Instinct audio sample that ran at exactly 4 beats so I could use it to transition from drop to drop… I dunno, just an idea. :slight_smile:

That user request list must be quite long now

Hi there,

thank you for your sharing your idea. 
You are talking about a quantise mode which quantises all user performance (Hot Cue, Loops, Samples).

I added your post to our user request list and it would be great if other users could share their thoughts and likes in oder to push the implementation of the topic.

Thank you all.

Lukas E.