"On device" tracks to mix

Really annoyed that i have to subscribe for a monthly subscription to play my own music! Don’t you understand that we have to pay out for a spotify subscription also to use there music? Yet we are being punished to play files i already bought and own?

Please change this so atleast the subscription is for adding usb drives ect and not what i already have on my device


Thank you for getting in touch.

You can read more about why we moved to the Subscription system following this link.

Also, playing your own mp3s is als supported in our free version of djay for iOS without any extra cost.


Lukas E.

Don’t you understand that Algoriddim aren’t Spotify and need to be paid to develop their software?

What, do you go to a restaurant and refuse to pay your taxi driver because “you already paid the restaurant for the meal and you shouldn’t have to pay twice”?

No! But if you buy a bike should you expect to pay to use the road? The problem is algoriddim can still make money with this app. I just want to be able to use MY OWN mp3s that I OWN. I already own an IPAD, CONTROLLER and SPOTIFY SUBSCRIPTION what i had to buy just to use this software, which by the way is not even that good. Will have to get a bank loan at this rate just to DJ for fun.

Can you send me a guide on this. Thanks

Worked it out myself. Thanks. Please close topic as this had been solved