On how many devices can I use/install djay pro when I buy it for Mac?

Hi, I’m doing a DJ Project with a friend and we love djay. Till now we just had a shot at the trial-Edition. So my question is, can we use it on two devices (MacBooks) when we buy the Pro-Edition in the AppStore for Mac? Or isn’t it possible to use the License for each of us?


Not sure about App Store license regulations but usually, if it’s your own Mac then you can just sign in with the same Apple ID as on your other Mac and then you can download all previously purchased apps.

Hey Caro,

a shared license is not possible due to the two different distribution channels (Mac App Store/ Windows Store).

Could I share one license between my macbook and my windows laptop?

Got it, thank you!

i have a new laptop and want to transfer my program from my old one how do i do this both are windows