One license for two computers (Mac and Windows)

I would like to buy one djay pro license and use the program it both on my Macbook and my Windows desktop PC (not at the same time, of course). Is that possible?

Hi Michael,

unfortunately not. Our iOS version works on all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) while our Mac version works on all Mac devices.

Lukas E.

Yes, as long as they are using the same Apple ID.

Cheers,Lukas E.

No. They are two different programs built from the ground up. You’d have to buy both versions. You can use it on different Macs and if you buy the PC you can use on different PCs, but not cross platform.

Think of it the same way as purchasing an app for iOS and then trying to use it for android. Doesn’t work that way. You’d have to purchase the same app for android. The app may be the same to the end user, but the programming and developing that goes into creating said app dictates that it is different from the iOS version or in your case the windows version. The controls are different, some of the functions are different and even the bugs are different. If it were a simple port, I could possibly see Algoriddim offering it for free cross platform once someone purchases one version of the software, but it truly is a different animal. And costs a significant amount of time and resources to create it so Algoriddim needs to recoup their investment.

I totally understand, and while I don’t work for the company, I’m just stating their response from a previous user who had asked the same question since their moderators are not the quickest to answer questions. Hope this helps .

Thanks Victor for your reply.

However, I don’t see why license would be related to the fact that there is a different code in the background. As an end-user, all I know is that there are two computers on different platforms in my setup, and that I would like to use this product on both, similar to how I use my other DJing and DAW products. Especially now, knowing that the product *does* exist for both platforms, I don’t expect this to be a technical issue.

So, this would be my suggestion for the Algoriddim team - buy djay pro once and carelessly use it on any computer around…

Victor, I fully understand this position from the technology perspective.

But, please keep in mind that my question emerges purely from my user perspective, and in this perspective I equally “don’t know” the underlying difference between the Mac and Windows versions of djay pro, as much as I “don’t know” the difference between the Mac and Windows versions of Traktor, Ableton, rekordbox, etc. While buying a license for the latter three will grant me two computers, Mac or Win, I simply hope to have the same flexibility with djay pro.

Well, my first question was whether it is possible, so your answer surely helped :slight_smile: Hopefully the moderators pick up the suggestion anyway. Meanwhile, thanks for your response! Cheers!

I also bought the mac version but the display on my mac is to small to fit the view I like so I have installed on my touch screen HP Pc that I had to upgrade to windows 10 (was free). Now I have a huge touch screen but yes sucks I had to buy another copy. Also liked djpro so much looking at upgrading my Dj controller to an actual one built for DJ Pro and guess what they come with the software so had to buy it again. How many times do you need to buy the same software?

Can you use the same license on an iMac and iPad Pro ?

Look at Microsoft - Office 365 license is working on all platforms. I would wish this for djay as well.

Can you use the same license on two Mac’s, I want to use it in a MacBook Pro (I use for fun) and a MacBook Air (I use for work)?