One of the best app ever created !

I would like to thank all the team for having created one of the best app ever.
I read a lot of complaints (and some ridiculous one star review) but we need to see the quality of this app.
I have to say that the team have now all cards to become the number one software for Dj, above the king Serato.
We only need now that the team focus on professional update like better Time Stretching algorithm (to match the king Serato), grid indication of FX (today with the Rane One, I have to turn 8 steps to go from 1/2 to 1/4 grid) and BETTER integration with professional gear (like Rane One).

I work with well known Dj that work only on Serato and they all hear about this app just now. I let them try Djay, they love it but will not make the move until some basics professional options will appears (like the calibration of the crossfader cut space).

Thank you very much for your feedback Julien! We are happy to hear what you think about our software. Regarding your suggestions, could you point out which professional gear you are missing? Also, regarding the grid indication of FX, are you referring to FX parameters in order to circle FX onto different Beat Lengths?

We are looking forward to your reply and are more than happy to hear feedback.

I purchased the Rane One controller but, compared to Serato where everything from the software is available on the controller, with Djay Pro AI we loose a lot of software possibilities on the controller.
For instance on the Pad, we loose Pitch Play, Auto Loop and Beat Jump.

The biggest problem comes from the bad integration on professional gear (as here on Rane One). With Serato, everything can be controlled on the Rane One (I started with a Reloop Mixon 4 where the integration was near perfect but this controller is not rock solid. The crossfader and channel faders broke several times.).

Regarding the grid indication of FX, you can’t know at which beat length you are before hearing it. This is a big problem because FX parameters can be different for each FX (like between Delay and Reverb). On Serato, each click on the rotating knob changes the beat length and the indicator is shown on screen. With Djay Pro AI for 1/2 beat delay, I have to turn totally counterclockwise the FX parameter knob and then turn 8 clicks clockwise to be sure to be at 1/2 beat (and I have no indication on the screen).


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