one track not loading on djay

I cannot seem to load two tracks at the same time on the djay software.
I’m using a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012).
how can I try and fix this?

@its_stella can you please provide more details?

  1. What is your music source (ex. Tidal or music stored on your device)?
  2. If using streaming services like Tidal, what are the audio quality settings set to?
  3. Screen shots of the second track failing to load. Are there any error messages?
  4. Which version of djay are you using?
  1. Beatsource and music i saved on files
  2. i dont know (where do i find that?)

4. Version 4.1.10

@its_stella thanks for the additional info.

  1. The streaming audio quality settings are found in Settings>Library near the bottom. I’m pretty sure that only Tidal offers different quality settings though. So if you’re using Beatsource or Beatport there’s nothing to change here.
  2. Can you confirm that you have this problem when loading tracks stored on your Mac as well?
  3. From the picture you provided, it looks like your first track isn’t fully loading either as the overview waveform is blank. Whats the download speed of your internet connection?
  4. Have you tried logging out and back into Beatsource within djay? Settings>Library>Log out of Beatsource.
  5. Do you have a Beatsource subscription plan? Does your plan include the offline locker? If so, have you tried adding tracks to the locker then loading them?
  1. no its just with beatsource
  2. internet’s fine. i tried three different ones
  3. oouh no i dont have a subscription… maybe thats the problem.

do you know if i can connect spotify to djay?


  1. Yes, you definitely need a Beatsource subscription to use it in djay Pro AI.
  2. Spotify is not longer supported by any DJ software
  3. Your current options are with djay Pro AI on MacOS and iOS are: Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport, Beatsource.

Hi @its_stella,

Wanted to check in to see if you need further assistance with this matter and or if there have been any updates.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Additionally, thanks @Slak_Jaw for the great feedback!

@its_stella did this solve your issue?

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