One track not syncing cue points from MacBook Pro to iPad

I pay for DJ Pro, having bought it on the APP store and installed on my iPad and then downloaded on my laptop too. I am logged into DJ Pro on both devices and my cue points I create on my laptop are syncing across to DJ Pro on the iPad apart from one track. Is there a way I can just reset that track on my iPad so it resync the cue points?

My way of working is I buy tracks on my laptop from iTunes, and download them as files. I then sync my iTunes playlists to my iPad so the actual music files copy across onto my iPad via a USB C cable. In DJ Pro on my iPad I have local files selected and this is where all my synced playlists are accessible and I can play without an internet connection (although I have the internet connection on right now so cue points can sync).

Hi @Sparkomatic,

  1. Please try manually removing the song from your iPad.
  2. Then close djay and all other apps on your iPad.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad: Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA)
  4. After rebooting, connect your iPad to your laptop and add the song back via iTunes/Music
  5. Launch djay on your iPad, navigated to Settings>Advanced>SYNCING>iCloud and confirm that the sync has completed.
  6. Now check to see if your cue points are there.

Yep, that worked - thanks. Any idea why it happened in the first place?

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You’re welcome @Sparkomatic. Could have been a number of things. Maybe you edited some metadata or changed the file location. Maybe the sync got interrupted. Either way, glad that fixed it for you.

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