Option for Limiting Streaming Playlists


There should be an option to limit the amount of playlists available for a particular gig. Every gig is different and you may not need all of them. If you could limit it to say 10, it would make finding songs easier, especially if you have over 100 playlists on a Streaming platform.

You could prep and name it, just like “scenes” in other hardware/software. When you start your set you hit the option for that particular “scene,” and only those specific playlists Pop up.


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Or maybe a playlist search bar would help in your case.

Hey @E_Flem - Thanks for your Suggestion!

That’s an interesting idea! I could see how that would be useful, especially if your gigs have a variety of different styles.

We appreciate your feedback. Feel free to suggest any other ideas or suggestions you may have! :slight_smile:

It’s no different than limiting the selection to BPM. You bring the option to :heavy_check_mark: which playlists you want to only see, or a saved list out of all of the streaming playlists.