Option to disable Artwork Opacity / 1st Downbeat Marker Visibility

Adding an option to disable the opacity that allows the album artwork to show through the main deck area would be a nice option. Brightly colored artwork showing through behind the deck interface is often distracting, and makes it difficult to discern the first downbeat marker in the waveform area. Overall the opacity feature make makes the interface washed out.

In general, the 1st Downbeat Maker is often hard to tell apart from the other beat markers. Having the 1st downbeat indicated as a different or brighter/bolder color would be great.

Reduced contrast due to the colors of the album artwork showing through makes it difficult to see grid markers an other information in the deck area. This is only an issue with certain tracks depending on the artwork, but an appearance option to turn off or control the opacity level might be useful.

Hi there,

thank you for your post.
Could you attach an exemplary screenshot with a too bright artwork.
That would help us a lot.

Lukas E.