Option to disable Auto Lock

Awesome software. Would like option to disable Auto Lock (keep iPad, iPhone from going to sleep and locking the screen) when running. Thanks!

Hi Ed,

Thanks for contacting us. This can’t be done within djay, but you can change it in the Settings app.

Can’t change it in settings.
I have several apps that while running, prevent the screen from dimming, then eventually locking. This is controled by the app, not by the iPad. If I start Automix, then walk away for a few, the screen dims, then shortly after locks. Was wondering if Djay would eventually have the same ability to prevent this.

I also would like the ability for Djay to prevent auto dimming within the software. Several of your competitors have this option. As many of your customers use their phones for corporate use companies will disable the ability to disable your ability to prevent auto lock or dimming after a specified time. This is why you should have this feature in your application. Quite a shame to have such a nice UI that can’t be seen!

This would be a great feature to have. Especially now with the security for Apple Pay in ios8. After making changes to the screen lock through ios, one must reset all credit cards in Apple when returning to the lock screen settings.

Hey there,

this issue is more at the operating system side, have you tried the following:

How to turn off Auto-Lock on your iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Display & Brightness.
  3. Tap on Auto Lock.
  4. Tap on the Never option.
    Lukas E.

I had it go to lock during an effects portion of my mix, meaning, my hands were on the mixer and it still went blank. During a recording. I’d share the mix if I could legally upload it.

I’ve walked away from djay 2 whilst a long track is playing on my iPad Air 2, i.e. left a track playing for longer than my screen timeout is set, and it doesn’t auto-lock. It does auto-lock if nothing is playing in djay 2.

It is silly that iOS DJ Pro doesn’t support app specific “auto-lock” disable feature which countless other apps support, including clocks, mapping apps, audio apps, etc.

application.idleTimerDisabled = true;
UIApplication.shared().isIdleTimerDisabled = true;