Option to disable Sync in case of doubling Decks.

Hello my dear Algoriddim team!
Could you give us the option to choose whether or not SYNC remains on in the case of Deck doubling? I already looked for this type of option and I didn’t find it in the settings. I use a Professional Setup on my iPAD Pro M1, being a pair of Rane Twelve Mk2 and a DJM S11… sometimes in some performances when I double Deck A to B or even B to A, Sync is already active , not giving us the freedom to do something more manual, like some Drums effects in 1/2 beat, or 1/4 Beat for example… Anyway, it would be interesting to have the option to disable Sync in case of Double Decks… What do you think? @Guillermo

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Hi @Fernando_Midi,

This seems like a very interesting request that the support and dev teams would appreciate hearing.

I will bring this up with @Guillermo for further review and update this thread accordingly!

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I’d second this request.

Sometimes I want to double deck to go back to a different part of the track or to have two different parts of the track playing playing in sync to switch between them.

If I double on Djay as soon as Sync kicks in it insists on putting the tracks at exactly the same point.

I know why this behaviour is there, but the ability to double, have sync enabled but NOT be at the same point in time would be really useful…


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