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Most of the music I play is electronically produced, so dynamic beatgrid is more of an exception than an rule. While it doesn’t cause problems most of the time, it does with some tracks, which is annoying.
In addition, I’d like to not have it as a constant crutch, so that I can passively practice listening for if I’m on club gear one day.
I love all the AI features in Djay, but this one seems like a no-brainer for the human to be able to set the default when they know that their library is 99% electronically produced.


Which tracks, and what are the problems?

IME the Fluid Beatgrid system detects the beats in the tracks, and therefore tempo, so it shouldn’t matter whether the music has a steady beat or not.

With a variable tempo, Fluid Beatgrid will follow changes. With a fixed tempo, Fluid Beatgrid will stay constant.


@gravitybass thanks for the suggestion. I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

Yes that’s how the fluid system works. I have 1000’s tracks with steady tempo and the bpm stay constant and I have 1000’s with differing bpm’s for variety of reasons (live drummer, old disco tracks etc) and fluid detection also works in my findings so far very well. I am sure there will be tracks that it finds difficult but so far so good.

I’m begging you devs, please release an update with this as an option. It would be so helpful for beginner djs. It is so frustrating having to change the bpm to straight every time I load up a new track.


…but you don’t have to change it. Which ever way it is, it’s not going to affect the playback of your tracks.

Here’s a video with an example of what I’m talking about Screen Recording 2023-12-23 at 9.57.03 AM.mov - Google Drive
In this example, the beatgrid only changes when I’ve got the vocals from Hun43rd rolling at the same time, but again this is problematic because I have no way to set which track is the “master” to which the other one should bend. If all my songs were straight by default, then I wouldn’t have my master track changing like this, and if the vocals sound off, I could then try dynamic beatgrid.
Stream Truth - Temple Of Eyes - 18.08.23 (MEDi125) by DEEP MEDi MUSIK | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
Stream A$AP Rocky - Hun43rd by A$AP Rocky | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Wrong video I’ll try and get right one up. I just tested that track and had no issues.

Here it is


Check my comment again:

In this example, the beatgrid only changes when I’ve got the vocals from Hun43rd rolling at the same time, but again this is problematic because I have no way to set which track is the “master” to which the other one should bend.

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Hey, @gravitybass. Thanks for your feedback!
We’ve updated the way sync handles tracks with fluctuations in the beat grid to address the problem you’ve described. So please try that out and let me know if you’re still facing these issues.

I’ve also checked out the tracks you linked in detail to better understand if and why the beat analysis went wrong in detecting whether the grid should be dynamic or straight. The track “A$AP Rocky - Hun43rd” has a break from around 02:00 to 02:20 that changes the position of the downbeat, so if you choose a straight grid here, the downbeats are only going to be right either before 02:20 or after. So the dynamic grid calculated by the system actually mitigates this and manages to get the downbeat right in both “segments”. I’d also argue it’s a better fit in the vocal section between 01:35 and 02:20, so I’m not sure the track is actually straight at all. Nevertheless this shouldn’t cause sync to mess up the other track because of this, which is exactly what we’ve addressed in the last update.


When the BPM mode is set to dynamic, the BPM switches a lot and you can here that the song goes slower and faster, especially while syncing different songs togetner.
When i load a new song, my last setting of BPM constant goes away and sometimes its default setting is on dynamic. Which i dont want.
I would like the setting to always be constant. So is there any way to let that be through general settings?

On the picture you can see where i choose the BPM type

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  • Device model: iPad Pro 4th gen
  • Version of operating system: 17.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used: handheld

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Hi I just wanted to add an upvote for an option to set standard bpm as default.

I play d&b which has always been difficult for auto bpm detection to handle. I find that djay copes with this much better than the competition, however when dynamic bpm is on the beat sync tends to slip around all over the place and you don’t get a tight lock.

Also if there are sections of a tune with no percussion it can go haywire. For a good example try mixing something out of The Chair by Arkaik, leaving it running right through to the end. Dynamic BPM gradually drops from 174 down to 133 bringing the incoming track down with it.

As a matter of course the first step I take when loading up a track is going into the bpm setting to switch over to standard. It would be awesome to be able to set that as default and forget about it.

Thanks for the input @Jumblist.