Original DDJ-WeGO

Hi! I have the original DDJ-WeGO (awesome red one) used to use it with my older ipad, iPod and iPhone via the camera adapter and the We-Cai cable… still with the 30 pin style. I have been hoping to revive my DDJ-WeGO and use it again… question is - how can I use it for the latest Apple products that uses lightning cable? Will a simple adapter work? Also what is the latest iOS that’s supported? Cheers and thanks in advance

I have been through it all.
wecai Y cable
30 pin to USB camera adapter
30pin to lightning adapter
lightning to usb
lightning to usb 3

It all comes down to 2 things.
1: Do you want to charge your Ipad/device while you are DJ’ing.
2: The age of your Ipad/device.

working solutions
This solution works fine and is basically what you were doing before but with a lightning socket on the IOS device and will work with all devices but will not charge the IOS device/IPAD while using.
1: wego1 (or wego3)
2: wecai Y cable + USB power adapter.
3: IOS device with lightning socket.
4: apple lightning to usb cable (version 1)

I tested it today and works fine.

This solution uses the newer lightning to USB3 adapter and will charge your IOS device/IPAD at the same time.
ONE DOWNSIDE: It will not work with IPADS version 4 and below. version 4 (which i have) was the first IPAD to have a lightning socket BUT it is the only IPad with lightning socket that doesn’t work with the apple lightning to usb 3 adapter.
(it seems that apple made the usb3 adapter only work wit 64bit devices and the ipad 4 and below are 32bit. the older usb adapter works with 32 & 64 bit devices but cant be powered externally).

1: wego1 (or wego3)
2: wecai Y cable + USB power adapter
3: IOS device that works with lightning to usb 3 adapter (Ipad newer than ver 4 retina)
4: apple lightning to usb 3 adapter
5: lighning to usb cable (to charge IPAD via socket on lightning to usb3 adapter)

This works fine too

So I bought the newer wego3 so i didn’t have to worry about any adapters or Y cables etc or my ipad going dead 10 mins before the end of a session!!! and it is the easiest and most simple option but that has its drawbacks too.

Both the wego 1 and 3 can be powered by option 2, and the reason for using it with wego1 is clear. the advantage for both wego 1 & 3 is that you can add a usb hub between the apple lightning to usb3 adapter and add multiple midi devices to use with the ipad at the same time (beat pads etc). that cant be done with the wego 3 if you use the lightning cable they provide with it.

I have used wego1 with option 1 & 2 ok
I have used wego3 with option 1 & 2 & with the supplied ios cable, all work ok.
Although my older ipad does not work with option 2 (i use with wego 3 and ios cable until i buy a new ipad), my iphone 6plus & iphone X work perfectly.

I had the Pioneer Ergo which used the same cable & used this with the official Apple 30 pin to Lightning adaptor & it worked fine.

I’d try & find out if your current version of djay for iOS is available or compatible.