OS Status Error - 54 Will not load ANY of my iTunes library songs

After recent update when i try to load my iTunes library songs I receive a "Could not load Track’ error referencing OS Status Error - 54.
Please help!
Thanks Much

Lukas posted the one and only fix for this.

Hi Jason,

could you try to open iTunes while pressing the “alt” key to select your library in iTunes?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Tim,

thank you for sharing your workaround, we are happy to hear that things are working again.
Did my instructions to reselect the right media library at iTunes not help (this is interesting to understand the root of the issue)?

Thank you for the info,

Lukas E.

I have this also,

more and more tracks with error -54, but they can be found in iTunes and they play in iTunes. What gives?

This is making me reconsider this software, as its obviously Djay that has the issue, I could use iTunes and play everything. One thing Djay can’t do is find the track in the finder for some reason.

This needs fixing, I am going to be using other s/w this evening due to this problem, and its not the same tracks each time, sometimes a few sometimes a lot, but ALL can be found by Djay in iTunes and play perfectly there.

ok will give it a go, :slight_smile:


I have managed to banish, (so far), the Error -54 issue.

I did this by creating a new iTunes library and then copying all my music into the new library, then deleting the entire old iTunes library folder.

Thus far all seems good.


Hi Lukas,

no, unfortunately not, I tried it several times. To me it appears the issue is in some way to do with the iTunes .xml and .itl files, as I have now played live three times and not one “Error -54”.
I can say that when it happens the album artwork is “grey”. (This sometimes happens with artwork, even currently a couple are grey, but they play fine. Again the iTunes file causing the issue?)
Also when I had the issue I could not Ctrl-Click a track and go to it in the finder.

I guess it could also be my O/s, so the next thing is to do a complete backup and try with a brand new, Snow White system.

Many thanks,
Tim. :slight_smile: