Osstatus error 12178

I am getting an osstatus error - 12178 when trying to load tracks after the new ios update, i have a live show saturday, need help asap

Yeah bud, I posted the same problem some days ago. Warren from tech support is looking into it. I definitely believe its an issue with the new iOS update. There are a few people experiencing the same issue.

same problem

Do u have ur files in djay in mpeg-1 3layer format
This might be the problem, I am converting my files to AAC format, cuz just found out mpeg-1 isn’t supported by djay. Will post back after the experiment.?

ıt works guyz =)

I have the problem of error 12178, how can I fix it i have installed the latest version 6.1 of ios , all songs purchased on beatport mp3 to itunnes the bureau and the application are locked, please let me know how I can fix it from Valdepeñas city real cp 13300