OSStatus error 2003334207

Immediately after ver4 update.
When trying to load from SoundCloud.
9th gen iPad, iOS 15.5
I can use local files from Apple fine

(My phone works fine, but I’d rather use an iPad for obvious reasons)

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Just tried logging out of SoundCloud, and then back in. Same result

Community… I uninstalled/reinstalled and now everything is working correctly. Lost all my settings, but I still have my hot cues thanks to iCloud.

Hi @Keith_Adams,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time! I’m sorry to hear that you experienced this.

Fortunately, this OSStatus error regarding SoundCloud was fixed in djay for iOS v3.8.11.

Have a nice day!

I am getting same message on Mac using Apple Music

DJay Pro: 4.0.12
OSStatus error 2003334207

Uninstalling/reinstalling fixed it right away for me. Tried it yet?

Tried that with no success… :/. It doesn’t seem to recognize the file format that Apple Music uses for the music downloads. If that’s true, Algoriddim needs to say that their software won’t work with Apple Music.

Ah! I just realized that your typing “Apple Music” and not “ITunes”

You’re correct; DJ Pro doesn’t access Apple Music (and they don’t claim to). It will access downloaded (purchased) songs in iTunes playlists.

Ah! well, I misspoke then… its an album I purchased in iTunes.

Hi @rjgrace,

I’m sorry to hear that this issue has been occurring for you!

By any chance do you have an active Apple Music subscription?

I do subscribe to Apple Music, yes…

Hi @rjgrace,

Thanks for writing back to us and for your patience.

Have you ensured that your purchased iTunes music has been downloaded directly to your iOS device via Apple’s iOS Music App?

Additionally, please note that some iTunes tracks (whether they’ve been purchased or not) may have a DRM protection. It is best to ensure that these tracks are not protected, thus making them playable in djay.

Have a nice day!