OSStatus Error -54 with spotify tracks from playlist

I have created a playlist in Djay Pro 2 using only spotify tracks, when i go into that playlist some of the track album art has not loaded and if i try to play a track where the album art has not loaded i get this error.

I can go back into the spotify library and find, load and play the track no problem.

If i restart DJP 2 and go back into the spotify playlist, a random selection of other tracks will not load presenting the same error. Having restarted DJP 2 several times there is no logic to which tracks do not load, but every time out of around 150 tracks 10 or so do not load correctly and cannot be loaded onto a deck due to the error OSStatus Error -54

Anyone else struggling with this?


Hi Kyle,

I am very sorry to hear that.
Could you name an exemplary track which is causing the error?In which country are you located?