OSStatusError 1685348671 when loading mp3 files

You know that pestilent error message when you download new music, try to load it in DJAY, and it suddenly won’t work in DJAY even when the rest of your music has been imported and downloaded the exact same way the new music that won’t play was?

You will have to convert the file(s) to an mp3…again, even if it already is an mp3, and then re-import it into your file/folder/source where you add music into DJAY from. This is laborious and annoying but it works. On iPad there are a bunch of free apps that will convert audio into MP3. This worked, I didn’t have to re-install or update anything. I did have a ton of duplicate files but deleted the originals.

Honestly this bug makes no sense and it’s the first time in a year of using DJAY that I have ever had this issue. I have DJAY for iPad PRO.

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Hi @mrsbroussard,

Thanks for joining our Community and posting this thread about the issue you’ve been having with your mp3 files.

Could you please send us some of these files via our public Dropbox folder? Just drop some of these affected files there so we can further investigate this. Thanks in advance.

Also, where did you initially get these songs from? What format were these songs originally? What converter tools have you used?

What iOS version are you currently running?

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

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Hello, I ended up fixing the issue by converting the files to mp3 (even
though they were already mp3) and then re-importing them.

They were from YouTube. Where all my other music is from.

I have an issue with adding downloaded tracks to Djay.
Few tracks dowloaded couple weeks ago works fine, but with tracks i download now
pops this error out.
I tried downloading files from different sites, reinstaling the app and all the files.
I tried different IOS device and there is the same problem. All the files are Mp3. How can i fix this?

Download any file conversion software directly on your iOS device and convert each file to mp3. Again. It sounds redundant but it works. Delete the original file when you’re done.

Update for any user having this error:

This error has been reported to us lately when loading mp3 files. After inspecting several files, we found that in all cases the files’ encoding was corrupt in some way. We encourage users having this problem to re-encode their songs using a tool like suggested above. Another easy way of re-encoding a song would be through iTunes (File > Convert > Create AAC Version). Please note this is not a bug in djay.

It would be great if you guys could write down here where exactly you got these songs from so we can find a pattern and maybe a solution.

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@mrsbroussard, could you please share the exact website you used to download the tracks from?


I always use this page to download music and it usto work well now I get a error code osstatus error 1695348671 it usto b. Good app but I don’t think I can renew knowing it not functioning

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YouTube.mp3. Either way I fixed the issue as stated

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I mean if you wanna keep using djay, which I do because I’m so used to it just convert the mp3 to mp3 directly on the device. It’s extra work but djay will accept the file after it’s converted. Even if it’s already in mp3 format.

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We found that the extension of these files should not be .mp3. Instead using .m4a should work.

For an easy fix simply change the file extension to .m4a.

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Hello i can’t load no new songs i download to the djay app no more it only lets me load up my old songs any help please I’m getting “OSStatus error 1685348671” please help me

Hi check this link bellow

Hey @Meng_Panat ,

Thanks for posting in the Community for the first time and welcome!

The issue you mentioned has already been asked in another thread featuring a solution, so I’ll merge your post to that thread :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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