output audio from master & monitors of DDJ-WeGo2 with DJAY2 do not work!

Djay2 don’t recognize WeGo2 in audio device setup so I can’t make the
audio-routing from master and monitoring! updates are: WeGo2 version 1.02,
Djay2 version 2.2.1, iPad version 6.1.3
Problem solving by Pioneer (see pic) don’t work.

Hi Gino,

Please update the firmware of your controller:


Can you use your WeGo2 as sound output with the Music app?

If you can’t even use the WeGo2 with the Music app then this indicates that there’s a problem with your hardware. In this case, please kindly contact Pioneer Support directly (again).

If you can’t use the WeGo2 as sound output with the built-in “Music” app, then it’s obviously not a software problem. So, please verify this and let Pioneer know that you’ve also tested it with the Music app.

If the Pioneer WeGo is connected, you can only use the WeGo’s built-in audio.

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for contacting us.

I’m a bit confused. Do you mean that the controller isn’t working with djay or that you can’t use AirPlay with the controller?

Please make sure to update the firmware of your controller:

Please put the controller into “firmware update mode” as stated in the update manual provided at the firmware download page. As far as I can remember this is how you do it:

  • connect the controller to the Mac and make sure the WeGo is turned off
  • press and hold the two cue buttons (above the line faders) simultaneously
  • turn on the controller

The LEDs should then start blinking. Then start the firmware updater app on your Mac.

But this update is for users of IOS7 !
And I’m using IOS6 and wants to keep this.
When I update my controler to v. 9.02 (IOS7) will it still work using IOS6??
Thanks for your reply

NO! Everything works except the audio-output. I use IOS6 (version 6.1.3 - see my first topic) I can’t do the audio-routing because the controller don’t appear in the “audio Device setup” from Djay2. I can update the Pioneer controller to version 9.02 but this is only needed when using IOS7. But will the controler still work then when I’m using IOS6?? I’m afraid when I update the controler that nothing will work anymore!

the WeGo2 WORKS with the Djay2 app!! only the audio-output is the problem.
Pioneer says it’s a software problem and now you say it’s a hardware problem,
Result… nothing is solved :frowning:

Guys - Cant get a clear answer hope someone clarifies. If I have iPad Air on iOS7 with djay2 app and Pioneer DDJ WEGO2.

  1. Can the master OUTPUT sound be routed to iPad?
  2. If my iPAD is further connected to bluetooth speakers will the sound output routed to the bluetooth speaker?

I bought the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo2 for the purpose of getting Airplay. The DJay2 works fine with the airplay although, the controller hardware can’t read the device at all. What am I missing? I have an iPhone 5 as indicated.

Controller doesn’t read djay2

It doesn’t allow me to update now. It says my DDJ-WeGo2 isn’t connected. The lights are on though? So it is connected.

I have the same issue… I would like to play audio through my Bluetooth speakers and only use to wego 4 for controlling the app