Output delay with Djay2 using Griffin cue-cable

hay, i have an annoying problam. I have a samll delay when using Djay2 on my iPad with ION DJ iDJ2GO(and without it ) i use the Griffin cable for pre-cue and BEATS Mixr. can it be fixed?

Hi Michael,

This thread seems to have gotten lost somehow.

What are you using as sound output? Please try switching the connections on the Griffin DJ Cable and see where the delay then is.

After you switched the outputs, is the delay still with your home cinema?

Did you ever get a answer?

Just bought all the kit advised and I have the same the output to my stereo is about second later than the headphones!

Can someone help?

Tried switching but still have a delay. Output is a home cinema via the phono in connections.

From the griffin dj cable I have a cable into the red and white jacks in the back of the home cinema.