Output split - Main mix to bluetooth & Cue to headphone jack or vice versa

With Bluetooth speakers becoming more popular and the Bluetooth technology getting better I thought of a great idea to add versatility and options to us end users. It would be a great idea to send the main mix out using Bluetooth and be able to listen to the new track that you’re going to mix using the headphone jack on your iPad/iPhone/android device. If you’re the type of DJ that doesn’t trust your main mix going out Bluetooth, you can do the opposite and have your main mix going out through the headphone jack, and be able to listen to the cue or new track that you’re going to mix using your Bluetooth headphones. Some might argue about Bluetooth delay, but with the waveform display that the software gives I think DJs can work around it by beat-matching using the waveform for precise mixing.

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I think it is impossible to kill the latency. We can’t turn back time such way. Only play can be shown in real time but not user’s actions while mixing

Want, want, want! and I don’t care if the BT output (main) will suffer from delay/offset. The benefit of listening a track before playing out loud is greater … not to mention that you can artificially delay the HP output to match the BT delay (with a setting if need) …
I want this to be possible. Please, and I’m fine paying extra for this! :slight_smile:

It’s definitely possible I mix through my Bluetooth speaker and my mixes aren’t that bad to be fair if you’ve got beat match queue sync it really doesn’t matter and I don’t even use headphones the only reason why you would need the headphones is just to check where your next track that is coming in if you don’t know what songs you are going to play next I admit there is definitely a slight delay in the transfer between the Bluetooth devices but you kind of get that same effect in nightclubs sometimes anyway it’s a bit like a rebound of sound but you can easily predict where are the drops are going in and out just from looking at the digital track displayed on your tablet or phone or PC laptop but also depending on the kind of speaker you have will determined how good it sounds I’ve got quite a reasonably cheapest Bluetooth speaker Tower it’s good enough to mix at home with and maybe in a small like pub event but I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s definitely doable but I definitely think there’s an improvement to be made it would change DJing in a big way also time-saving if they could configure the Bluetooth to be split for headphones and speakers also giving you the Jack output as an output with Bluetooth headphones would be a brilliant idea

Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

I think that’s just an excuse because we would just use the audio as a good reference point. It would be very useful for setting up pre-cues. We would use the waveforms for more precise mixing but listening to the audio is extremely important. Important enough to have it even with the delay. Let us the end user decide if it’s useful.

bluetooth delays too much to make it useful for live mixing

Is Bluetooth splitting possible yet?

As a seasoned DJ from 1973 I agree with DJ Icespic. There are enough bells and whistles in the app to make marking your cue so that you can release real-time while listening to the main live output. The company seems to be on the cutting edge enough to eventually come up with a build in adjustable delay circuit to sync the signals removing the latency and releasing the next mix on the beat.

Incidentally I produced the first Chic album with Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. I have a big enough following on Niles FB page that the introduction of this plug in would make you the only game in the world! Can’t be that difficult. We all use Apple OS here.

On second thought since Algoriddim can’t change the hardware on a device such as an iPhone or Android the process has to happen externally in which case there will be latency but as I said it will still be a very usable as long as you time the beats and know where 1will fall. The latency should remain fixed.

any updates on this?

TBH, I’m surprised you guys haven’t found this by googling but here’s some info:

It’s certainly possible to remove latency for bluetooth. There’s a LOT of bluetooth codecs out there that support that, even open source codecs. Dropping tracks by visual cue only is also certainly possible but IMHO feels/sounds cheap/cheesy compared to control you can get using time-code vinyl as a controller. And for turntablism, low latency BT is key.

I really want this to be possible but I fear that the only way would be to have an external surround soundcard and a DJ app that is designed around that system, like Atomix Virtual DJ does.