Output splitter audio connector

I have a output audio splitter to connect to my head phones and computer speakers. The problem is that the song is played through both the speakers and headphones at the same time! I have enabled the outspent splitter function and the same thing happens. Please let me know a resolution as soon as possible because I am DJing for a party next week. Tha you so much!

Thank you for the help! But there is no toehr cable I can use? Does it have to be Griffin cable? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!

Can I make my own?

You are probably using a standard splitter cable which splits the stereo signal into two cables for two sets of headphones. You need the Griffin DJ cable the cable splits the audio into two, left channel is a cue and right channel is a pre output for your sound system. Hope this answers your question.


You can search for a 3.5mm left right splitter but I would recommend the Griffin cable as it is designed to be used with djay and as you are playing a set I would recommend it for good sound quality. You can pick them up cheap enough on Amazon.