Output to iPad Bluetooth in combination with a controller

It would be sooo cool to use my bluetooth speakers in my iPad mini (5th) / Mixtour setup! Unfortunately, by default it uses the Mixtour-soundcard. Via djay’s (pro AI 4.07) settings I can switch to ‘Output to iPad Speaker’ but from there its not passed on to the Bluetooth signal! In the enclosed picture you can see the road I’m trying to built :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

This isn’t currently possible on iOS and even if it was, you wouldn’t really want to do this due to the delay/latency with Bluetooth. Bluetooth has a noticeable audio delay which makes it very challenging to beat match by ear. The audio signal coming out of the Bluetooth speaker will not match the audio coming out of your headphones. Obviously you could use Sync or beat match visually instead, but in general current Bluetooth tech is not really suitable for DJing.


I may stand corrected but l think Djay 2 allowed for Bluetooth streaming, albeit with the dreaded latency issue…

Thank you Slak! Totally agree with your point on the delay. But still it would be nice to pull this off. I’v got this idea of organizing a gathering with people somewhere remote using the Partyboost-feature. People will bring their own compatible devices… For the djiing, you can do it all in ear using the ‘cue mix’…

@Bart_Hoogendijk you’re welcome. I get it. Cool idea about the Partyboost. Another option is to get SKAA enable speakers like the Soundboks 3 or Soundboks Go. SKAA wireless tech has way lower latency and is actually suitable for DJing. You would need to connect a SKAA transmitter to the audio output of your DJ controller, but from there you’d be wireless. Unfortunately SKAA stuff isn’t cheap. I have this speaker myself and it’s absolutely amazing!

Here’s the transmitter:

I want Bluetooth + headphones too. I don’t care about the delay. On a Mixtour, we only have Sync anyway.

It seems to now be possible to split the audio on iOS now. The Waze app can now output to a different output, than other apps.

from the Mixtour output to an Bluetooth transmitter would be a option too.

Hi @Bart_Hoogendijk,

Thank you for your post!

So that we may attempt to get this to work, can you follow the steps below:

  1. (Before opening djay Pro AI) Turn on your Bluetooth speaker

  2. Connect your iPad to your speaker via Bluetooth

  3. Open djay Pro AI

  4. In the Audio Device Setup menu, ensure your speaker is available in the drop-down menu for the “Main Output” and exit the menu

  5. Connect your Mixtour to your iPad

  6. Open the Audio Device Setup menu again and verify that your speaker is available in addition to the Mixtour default ch. 1-2 selection.

You should then be able select and use your devices as you intend! Additionally, as mentioned above there will be a delay between djay and your speaker.

I personally configure my setup as such in times when I can not plug into a set of speakers with my controller. So I hope this proves to be successful for you!

Feel free to keep us updated on your findings!

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I’ve tried outputting to a bluetooth transmitter (with a Numark DJ2Go2), and the results were … disappointing. Lots of latency, which seems weird because when I use bluetooth from an iPad to the speakers directly the latency isn’t a huge issue :expressionless:

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Hello tried this and it’s still not working. The Bluetooth option disappears as soon as I plug in the dj controller - I’m only left with the dj controller audio out.

Please can we get a fix on this - it’s a really important feature


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