Output to iPad Speakers switch has disappeared

  • Device model iPad Pro 5th Generation:
  • Version of operating system iOS 17.4.1:
  • Version of djay iOS 5.1.6:
  • Hardware/controllers used Pioneer DDJ-400:

Your question:

I set up my controller and plugged my speakers into the RCA Cable ports on the controller itself. I connected my iPad using a USB cable however the music began to play out of the iPad speakers instead of the speakers connected to the controller. Usually it plays straight from the speakers and not the iPad. I went into the settings to change the switch that says “Output to iPad Speakers” but the button had disappeared from the Audio Devices section and now it will only play out of my iPad speakers.
Please could I have some assistance.

Hi @Jamiestphn, please try the following:

  1. Disconnect your controller from the iPad.
  2. Close djay.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA))
  4. Launch djay then connect your controller to your iPad.
  5. Navigate to the djay Settings>Audio Devices and take a screenshot of this page. Thanks!


Just tried all these steps, hasn’t seemed to have fixed anything.

Here’s the picture of audio devices page…

Hi @Jamiestphn, based on that screenshot, your DDJ-400 is not connected properly to your iPad. Please try a different USB cable between your iPad and the DDJ-400.

Are you connecting the iPad directly to the DDJ-400 with a USB-C to B cable or are you using a USB-C Hub? If using a Hub, is it connected to power and is your iPad charging normally?

Hi, it is connected with a USB cable and a USB C hub however the hub is just for the USB, there is no port for charging. It has worked just like this previously. Just tried it again with a different cable and a different hub, still doesn’t work.

Hi @Jamiestphn, thanks for the additional info. This is most likely a connection issue.

  1. Either with the USB-C socket on your iPad, the USB cable, USB Hub or the USB socket on the DDJ-400.
  2. I would start by trying to clean out the USB sockets on your iPad and DDJ-400 using a compressed air can designed for computer cleaning. I’ve personally experienced connection issues due to debris in the USB socket.
  3. It’s also possible that the socket on your iPad or DDJ-400 is damaged. Again, I’ve personally had the USB socket on an iPad fail. You could bring you iPad to an Apple store to have them check it for you.
  4. Next, I highly recommend that you use a USB-C hub that has a charging port as this will be more reliable than powering the DDJ-400 off your iPad battery.

Please turn Bluetooth OFF on you iPad. Then with your DDJ-400 connected to your iPad, can you please also navigate to Settings>MIDI Devices and share a screenshot of this page? Thanks

Hi Slak,
Tried without Bluetooth, still not working…
Here’s a screenshot of the MIDI page…

Hi @Jamiestphn,

  1. In the Audio Devices Settings, please try Reset to Defaults.
  2. Also, please share screenshots of the available options when you expand the Main Output and Pre-Cueing** dropdown menus. Thanks!

Hi Slak,
I blew some air into it and I went onto the music connection on my iPad and selected ddj-400 output.
This button…

It began to work again.
Thank you for your help!

Excellent! You’re welcome @Jamiestphn. Thanks for the update.