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I have an iPad, a Numark DJ2Go2 Touch controller, and some bluetooth speakers. What I’d like to do is be able to use the cue channel on the speaker, but output the main channel via bluetooth to the speakers. I thought maybe I could do this by enabling the “output to iPad speakers” option, but this does exactly that - it outputs to the iPad’s speakers. Instead, I’d like it to output to whatever speakers the iPad uses by default, whether that’s the internal speakers OR some bluetooth speakers that it’s already paired with.

This would not only be more intuitive as far as the software was concerned (IMO), but also have a tangible benefit in allowing a move to a wireless setup with Djay Pro (Bluetooth speakers + bluetooth controller (e.g. Hercules DJControl) + laptop/tablet.

It’ll be tricky to say the least: Precueing using external USB sound cards

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Maybe iOS 16 brings some changes by the way. I haven’t tested it on my phone yet. It’s a grey area between Djay and the OS.

People need to understand the (bandwidth) limitations of the protocol a bit better:
“In 2019, Apple published an extension called HDR which supports data rates of 4 (HDR4) and 8 (HDR8) Mbit/s using π/4-DQPSK modulation on 4 MHz channels with forward error correction (FEC).”

That quote is taken from Bluetooth - Wikipedia

what’s the bitstream of stereo audio? (24bits * 48000 samples per sec * 2 channels) = call it 2Mbps -probably not the issue


can HDR4 or HDR8 handle the comms between an ipad/iphone, DJ controller AND speakers? which device is the router in that scenario? (you’re building a PAN, a meshnet) I would suggest the dj controller…but all devices would have to meet the HDR8 spec for it to work because to cue stereo audio youre doubling the amount of audio data - the output stream PLUS the CUE stream -so 4Mbps system bandwidth…and you want to send crossfade move data from the controller too? all wirelessly?

now we see that a bluetooth headset/earpods is pretty magical…perhaps the magic can be strengthened to take things a step or 2 farther


Hope this will help. I tried the same thing. The Bluetooth takes over the sound card and you cannot use the split feature, from my experience. I have a Native Instruments Traktor 8-Inch DJ Cable for iPad/iPhoneOne side goes to the your headset for cuing and I come out of the other side to a hardwired 3.5 cable to my Bluetooth speaker input. No this does not use actual Bluetooth but that is the way I do my shows and it works. Hope this helps.

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